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Sep 26 '13

Shopping Cart

A Shopping Cart feature has been added to make purchases more convenient for your customers/clients. 

1. Customer will select the items they are interested in purchasing and then select the place order button.

2. They will then be able to select the amount of each item they wish to purchase, select proceed to check out, and complete their transaction with credit card information.

Sep 25 '13

Your Business Goes Mobile

It is important to keep up with the way your customers want to do business with you.  Did you know that according to a recent survey 93.3% of small to medium business  websites are not mobile compatible and will not render successfully on mobile devices or smartphones? (BIA Kelsey, 2012) 

With you are able to connect with your customers online. Don’t lose a sale by not being where your customers are.  There is no extra cost to you to incorporate mobile services. It is just another way Ocoos helps small businesses through great technology!

When a customer views your business through their mobile device they will see your logo, business name, and your most recent social media update. In addition, they will be able to click on your phone number to get in touch with you, and get instant directions.


When they scroll down, they will be able to view the images you have uploaded to your website, read information on your company, such as detail, hours, and more.  


In addition, to viewing your home page, customers will also be able to click on and view all of your available offerings and services.  


Sep 11 '13

Sold Out Message Appears When All Items/Services Have Been Sold

If you have an event with a limited amount of tickets available, the place order button will automatically turn to “Sold Out” once the maximum number has been sold, and customers will no longer be able to place order.

Example: 10 passes available.


Once all 10 passes have been claimed, customers will now see this:


Sep 11 '13

Customize Your “My Offerings” Title

Sometimes “One Size Fits All”, doesn’t really fit everyone.  The same could be true for the “My Offering” title for your storefront.  You have 30 Characters to describe your services or offerings. 

There are two ways in which you can update the information:

1. Go to your Page Manager Tab and select the Edit Company tab. Scroll down to the bottom and type in the wording you would like to use. 


2. Change the information right from your web page.

Step 1 - While logged in to your account - view your web page.


Step 2 - Click on the words “My Offering”


Step 3 - Type in what you want the wording to be, example Pavilion Rentals, Available Services, etc. Then click the blue check box.


4. That’s it! The title has been changed.


Sep 10 '13

Add A Link To Your Home Page

If you have an external link to provide your customers/clients with additional information, you can now have that posted at the bottom of your web page.

1.  From your Dashboard, click the Page Manager tab. At the bottom of the Describe in detail the Company and What it Provides you will see a box that says Add a Link.image

2. Provide a title in the first box and paste the link address in the second box. Then select the publish button to the right.  image

3. That’s it, now you can select View My Webpage and your link will be located at the bottom of the About Section on your Web Page.


Sep 6 '13

How to find non-copyright protected photos to share and use commercially

Finding quality, non-copyright protected photos for use on your website or blog can be quite difficult. More importantly, by not taking the proper precautions you could find yourself unknowingly breaking the law! Thankfully, the experts at are constantly researching the latest tools to make creating a beautiful web presence simple and cost effective. makes finding the perfect image easy. Here’s how:


1. Go to and perform a search for whatever image you would like to use or share on your website.


2. Next, select “Image” from the top tool bar.


3. Select “License” and navigate down to “Free to share and use commercially”

4. Choose one and save it to your computer.


Thats it! Now you can safely add photos to your blog and website!


Aug 13 '13

Viewing Online Orders with Mandatory Documents

You just received your first online booking and were notified via text and email. Congratulations! 

So what’s next?

1. Log in to your Ocoos account!

2. In your Dashboard you will see “1 Unread Bookings” (or more)


3. After selecting “1 Unread Booking” or navigating to your “Manage Bookings” tab, you will select “View Documents” to see the information that you have requested


And you’re there!


From here, you will be able to view and print the documents!


Tell us below in the comments section how you use mandatory documents in your business!



Jul 15 '13

Setting Up Payments on Ocoos

Show me the money! A crucial step in the Ocoos set up process is attaching bank account information to your profile. You have 2 avenues of payment within your Ocoos account:

A) Sending : Sending your monthly subscription fee to

B) Receiving: Receiving funds from Ocoos you earn from performing services 

A) To setup “How I Pay Ocoos” - Note: payment will be withdrawn on the 1st of each month.  If you sign up for services during any time during the month, the amount will be prorated for that month.

1. Select Account Manager.


2. Select the “Change” button next to “How I Pay Ocoos”.


3. You will then have to option to pay via Credit Card or ACH withdrawl. You can change your payment method at any time by returning to your Account Manager.image

4. (Option A) If you select Credit Card a box will come up for you to fill out with your name, phone number and credit card information. Once complete hit “Submit”.  image

4. (Option B) “If you select Link my Bank Account” a box will come up for you to fill out with your bank account information. Once complete hit “Submit”.image

B) To setup “My Earnings” (Pay Out) - Note payments made by check are sent out once a week on Fridays. If the payment is made by ACH you will receive it the following day.

1. Go to “Account Manager”


2. Select the “Change” button next to “My Earnings (Pay Out)”.


3. You will then have to option to receive payment via ACH deposit or by check mailed to you. You can change your payment method at any time by returning to your Account Manager. If you choose ACH you will need to fill out your bank information and select submit.  Remember your money will be sent to you the following day.


4. If you choose to have a check mailed to you, select “Receive Payment through Check”, fill out the required information and select submit. Remember checks will be mailed out on Fridays.


This information can be updated at any time.  Simply return to your Account Manager and update the necessary information and submit.

Are you a “Paper Free” business, or do you prefer the satisfaction of a big check in your hand every week?! Tell us how you prefer to receive your payments below in the Comments Section!

Jul 9 '13


The Manage Bookings tab is located directly below your Account Summary tab. You can now manage all your bookings in one simple place.

  • Approve or decline new bookings with automatic client notification
  • Take notes and view complementary documents
  • Send a direct message to your customer
  • Expand full user profile
  • Search/scroll through your entire booking catalog on the right hand side.
  • Track and redeem vouchers (If Applicable)


Which Tools do you use the most? Tell everyone in the Comments Section below!

Jul 8 '13

Grant multiple users access to your account

Have you ever wanted to be able to grant others the ability to access portions of your business, but don’t want them to have access to everything, such as sales information? If so, you will love this feature!

Service Providers now have the ability to grant selected individuals limited or full access to their account.  You can easily set up multiple user accounts following these simple steps:

1. Select “Account Manager” from the drop down menu.image

2. Select the “Add” button.


3. Type in users email address and select the boxes with the information you want them to have access to, then hit send.


4. User will receive an email letting them know they have been issued access to your account. The user will need to login to their email and accept invitation.  If they do not already have a user account set up in, they will be asked to complete the process.


5. You can add, edit and delete multiple users from this point.


         What Kind of business do you own? Does this feature make it easier to hire new employees? Tell everyone how you are going to use this feature in the Comments Section below!