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Sep 11 '13

Customize Your “My Offerings” Title

Sometimes “One Size Fits All”, doesn’t really fit everyone.  The same could be true for the “My Offering” title for your storefront.  You have 30 Characters to describe your services or offerings. 

There are two ways in which you can update the information:

1. Go to your Page Manager Tab and select the Edit Company tab. Scroll down to the bottom and type in the wording you would like to use. 


2. Change the information right from your web page.

Step 1 - While logged in to your account - view your web page.


Step 2 - Click on the words “My Offering”


Step 3 - Type in what you want the wording to be, example Pavilion Rentals, Available Services, etc. Then click the blue check box.


4. That’s it! The title has been changed.


Sep 10 '13

Add A Link To Your Home Page

If you have an external link to provide your customers/clients with additional information, you can now have that posted at the bottom of your web page.

1.  From your Dashboard, click the Page Manager tab. At the bottom of the Describe in detail the Company and What it Provides you will see a box that says Add a Link.image

2. Provide a title in the first box and paste the link address in the second box. Then select the publish button to the right.  image

3. That’s it, now you can select View My Webpage and your link will be located at the bottom of the About Section on your Web Page.


Aug 27 '12


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  1. What is Ocoos?
  2. Why should I register?
  3. Do I pay extra for buying services on Ocoos?
  4. Why Book Online?
  5. How can I guarantee I will receive the service?
  6. Why should I trust reviews on Ocoos?
  7. Why is Ocoos better?
  8. Is Ocoos a Directory?
  9. What is An Ocoo?
  10. What is the “Read It” section about?
  11. What Does Ocoos Mean?
  12. What is the “Ocoos Feed” in my Dashboard?
  13. What is my Bucket List and how do I add services to it?
  14. How do I search for services and news?
  15. What are Notifications
  16. When booking a service, sometimes I can pick anytime I want and others I have to make a selection from a Calendar, why is this?
  17. When will my Credit Card be charged for a service I have purchased?
  18. Where can I see all my past purchases?
  19. How do I receive a refund?
  20. What information is given to the Service Provider when I purchase a service?


  21. What is Ocoos for service providers?
  22. Why Join?
  23. What do I get?
  24. What If I already have a website?
  25. What does “the cloud” mean for me?
  26. What if my business charges after service is completed?
  27. How can I learn to use Ocoos’s business tools to their full potential?
  28. How do I add my business to Ocoos?
  29. What does it cost?
  30. Why is Ocoos better than making my own website?


What is Ocoos:

Ocoos is the simplest way to find, buy, and sell services online.   We  provide small business a modern and interactive web presence where customers can safely schedule and purchase your services.  We aim to make purchasing from the best local businesses as easy as shopping for consumer products.

Why should I register:

To find the best local services, follow your interests, and stay informed on the industries you care about. At Ocoos we allow you to track your service history and build lasting relationships with small businesses in your community.

Do I pay extra for buying services on Ocoos?

No, service providers will list their standard price.  In fact we lower business operations cost - which in turn may drive lower prices :)

Why book services online?

It is faster, easier, safer, and backed by Ocoos. Your bookings are placed in your personal calendar and all your purchase history is saved for your reference. Plus Ocoos makes it easy to compare services to find the best quality and price.

How can I guarantee I will receive the service?

Ocoos will hold the payment for 2 weeks to make sure there are no issues.  Further more, Ocoos reviews the businesses that register to foster a safe business environment.  Ocoos is dedicated to being the simplest and safest way to interact and buy from local service providers.

Why should I trust reviews on Ocoos?

Our “Customer Only” review system allows  only people who have purchased and used the service to make a review, no one else. Finally web reviews that can be trusted!

Why is Ocoos better?

  1. We focus on providing a full online solution for small businesses which creates a modern and simple experience for consumers looking to buy services.
  2. With Ocoos, any small businesses can operate faster, smarter, and on the cloud. Our efficiency tools lead to growth and higher quality service.

Is Ocoos a directory?

No.  Although similar in shape, Ocoos helps you find services using an advanced, easy to use technology to foster a more informed and quality transaction.

What Is an Ocoo: 

An Ocoo is a topic within our website, such as Active Life, Auto & Marine, and Health.  Each Ocoo contains a marketplace for services as well as relevant news and social content to provide an informative, safe online experience.

What is the “Read it” section about:

The “Read It” section of each Ocoo is a place to find news, content, tips, and socialize with others.

What does Ocoos mean?

Ocoos [o-kooz] is a word we made up. We searched for a word to describe what we do - But in the end, we had to make one up! It represents the simplicity and the thought of a new age in local commerce.  

What is the Ocoos Feed in my Dashboard?

Your personal Ocoos Feed in your Dashboard keeps you up-to-date with all your favorite topics and Service Providers. News, articles, business updates, new services, and much more. To “Favorite” an Ocoos, simply click the blue plus sign on the top left corner of the page next to the Ocoo name. To follow a Service Provider, just click the Follow button on the Service Providers Profile Page.

What is my Bucket List and how do I add services to it?

Your Bucket List is a list of the services in which you wish to participate in at some time in the future. Add items to your Bucket List so you can easily share them with friends or find them later.  Simply click the Ocoos Symbol with the blue plus sign and the service will be added to your Bucket List.

How do I search for Services and News?

At the very top of every page (in the header) is a search bar. You have the ability to search for services or news here. After you have made your selection, simply type in a search term of your choice. You can select to search within an Ocoo (ie. Active Life) or do an Advanced Search.

What are Notifications?

The Notifications section of your account is where you can see the approval status of your bookings as well as make reviews of the services you have purchased. Pay close attention to this section when you purchase services through Ocoos to find out if your purchase is approved, pending, or declined.

When booking a service, sometimes I can pick anytime I want and others I have to make a selection from a Calendar, why is this?

Some Service Providers allow you to select any date and time in their working hours while others only offer their service on a particular date and time. For example, when you book a massage, you determine when you would like to arrive depending on the Service Providers availability, but when you go to an exercise class, they may only be available on select dates and times.

When will my Credit Card be Charged for a Service I have purchased?

Once your booking has been approved. Some businesses will automatically approve bookings, while others require a pending approval process. To check the approval status of your service, reference your Notifications or your Purchases Tab.

Where can I see my Past Purchases?

While in your User Account Dashboard, click on the “Purchases” tab on the top of the page. Once in the Purchases Tab, you can view all your purchase history along with the information corresponding to each service.  Your purchase history will also be stored in your calendar.

How do I receive a Refund?

If you are requesting a refund before your service date, you may email an inquiry to If you are requesting a refund after the date of service, please ask your service provider for more information.

What information is given to the Service Provider when I purchase a service?

When you purchase a service on Ocoos, we automatically upload your information into the Service Providers administrative tools. This would be the same case as if you were in their place of business giving them information. The information they obtain includes your Name, Email, Phone number, City, and State (We do NOT give them your address). We also provide them with the transaction details of your purchase including the date of purchase, date of service, quantity purchased, and dollar amount (NOT your credit card information). Your credit card information is processed securely through and will not be seen by Ocoos or the Service Provider.


What is Ocoos for service providers?

Ocoos is the simplest way to find, buy, and sell services online.  For our service partners we make it extremely simple and inexpensive to have a beautiful and modern online presence with the tools to manage your business faster.

Why Join?

89% of all consumer research begins online.  We make sure your service is presented in a trusted and effective manner. Also, we lower your costs by bringing together all of your operations in one place that’s always accessible. You can now focus on proving a great service rather than administrative functions.

What do I get?

For full details check out the service provider page.  We provide everything you need to be successful online while operating a smarter,  faster, ow cost business.  We provide all of your social media management, online booking, e-commerce, client management tools, analytics, sales and business data, messaging, outbound marketing tools and templates in one simple to use platform surrounded by an active community of potential customers.  

What If I already have a website?

Even more reason to join! Expand your presence and have a fully interactive business solution to add to your current website.

What does “the cloud” mean for me?

The cloud means your business will always be securely accessible to you at any time, on any web device. View your Daily schedule, make changes to your page or services, and gain instant access to all your customers at anytime and place.  The cloud will greatly enhance the efficiency of your small business.

What if my business charges after the service is completed?

No Problem! Ocoos is a great marketing and business management tool. Soon you will be able to instantly push invoices to your customer after service.  Until then, you can still grow your business and receive bookings online.  You can even offer a deposit or consultation fee by checking “I take deposits” to make sure there are no lost opportunities.

How can I learn to use Ocoos’s business tools to their full potential?

How do I add my business to Ocoos?

Simply click SIGN-UP to try Ocoos free for 30 days!  Add your information and customize your business. No tech knowledge or skill needed. Ever!

What does Ocoos cost my business?

Ocoos provides a full business solution on the cloud for far less than most people pay to develop and upkeep a standard website.  Here are the two options:

  • Premium membership is $25 dollars per month plus 4.99 percent of sales for unlimited transactions, and access to all features.

Why is Ocoos better than making my own website?

Ocoos provides a beautiful, interactive web presence for your company in a place where people are looking for your specific service.  Leave the technology to us and we will always make sure your business is up-to-date and following the latest technology trends.